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A member of the Inter – University Council of East Africa (IUCEA) and is well served by the university and public transport and is  reachable within 15 minutes drive from the city center.Association of Common Wealth Universities, MKU International University of Technology (MKUIT) in Kagarama is an esthetic jewel within easy reach from Kigali city center and its suburbs. It

The center is an innovative architectural masterpiece that has been skillfully designed to guide the future growth of the university in Rwanda and its precinct. Valued at 8.5 billion Rwandan francs, and occupying four floors with a total space of 9,351 Sq meters with a basement, the center has the capacity to house over 5,000 students making it an ideal destination for a discerning student. The basement houses the examination offices, journalism studio and state of art laboratories designed especially for research in the 21st century. The ground floor has the main library, which has a sitting capacity of 250. The same floor houses a computer laboratory and administrative office. Each floor has a computer lab in addition to spacious lecture rooms with TV screens to enhance learning.


There are a total of eight separate laboratories – for Nursing, Molecular Biology, Hematology, Histology, Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy.

With the new facility, MKUIT is on course to fulfill its mission, part of which is to build hostels, study villas, sporting facilities as well as increase access to education in line with Rwanda’s Vision 2020 and the Na- tional Qualification Framework. The university is on course to establish a Graduate Enterprise academy (GEA)- a community outreach initiative offered free of charge. The programme was set up to encourage students to be job creators instead of job seekers.

Under its strategic plan driven by the motto, ‘Empowering Generations Through Education’, MKUIT is making deliberate efforts to improve access to higher education in Rwanda through innovative approaches that include:

1.  Charging affordable fees to ensure that Rwandans access higher education;

2. Introducing flexible fee payment models to fit into financial arrangements of students and parents;

3. Establishing e- learning and distance educational programmes which will accommodate both the working and non- working students;

4. Offering relevant, market oriented programmes to help Rwandan achieve its Vision 2020 – the national blueprint;

5. Demonstrating corporate social responsibility through activities that add value to the lives of the people, both in the country and in Kicukiro district;

6. Offering advice on careers and counseling to redesign the learning environment to suit the educational standards of Rwanda.

The career and counseling office is playing a critical role in assisting students to achieve meaningful career goals

MKUIT is committed to investing in Rwanda in the areas of science and technology education: the heartbeat of any knowledge-based economy. Procurement of hi-tech laboratory equipment.