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MKU International University of Technology (MKUIT) in Kigali Rwanda is indeed a leading citadel of teaching and academic excellence.  A decade ago, MKUIT started in Rwanda as a campus of Mount Kenya University which is the leading private university in the region in terms of infrastructure, student population and academic excellence in Medicine, Research, Technology, Business and Education among others.  The campus started off with modest resources in the heart of the city of Kigali with rented and limited facilities.  Today, the Board of Directors of MKUIT have invested in excess of 10 billion Rwandan Francs on infrastructure which include modern buildings, library, laboratories, hostels, swimming pool and equipment.

Our School of Nursing and other health related programmes have benefitted tremendously in terms of modern technology for theoretical and practical training.  The Nursing Skills Laboratory is billed as the best in the country and this has seen growing interest of students in both undergraduate and graduate programmes.  Due to relative peace, security and order in Rwanda, Kigali has become a major global MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions ) destination.  For this reason, we have revamped resources for theoretical and practical training for Tourism and Hospitality Management. The School of Computing and Informatics is not only an ICT hub but also houses the Department of Media and Social Studies and is supported by the state-of-the-art Royal Radio station FM 94.3.

The strategic foundation of MKUIT is embedded in delivery of quality education in pursuit of realizing competency based and employable graduates.  It is our pride that throughout the Republic of Rwanda you are likely to find our alumni in high profile positions both in the private and public sectors.  Our mission is to deliver graduates who will be sort after by industry not only in Rwanda but throughout the region.  We already have a growing international student population from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Chad, Asia, Middle East and U.S.A.

As a young institution, our academic staff are actively engaged in research and publication activities.  This was recently highlighted by Rwanda’s Higher Education Council of the Ministry of Education when they conducted a comprehensive review of academic and infrastructure resources of MKUIT.  We are unrelenting in pursuing our motto of “empowering generations through education.”

Professor Edwin Odhuno, BA, MSc. Ph.D. De Costa Scholar, Morgan State University, U.S.A.