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On 16th June, 2016, MKUR donated 3 cows to three families in line with the government program of one cow per family “Girinka” initiated by the country’s President, His Excellency Paul Kagame aimed at alleviating poverty to the less fortunate in rural areas.

The program aims to provide the fundamental needs of the family like reducing child malnutrition and a source of soil nutrients via manure to assist small scale cropping activity. The occasion which took place at MKUR was presided over by the Mayor of Kicukiro District, who was the chief guest, Dr. Nyirahabimana Jeanne and other local leaders.

Speaking during the ceremony, the Vice Chancellor, Prof Edwin Odhuno said MKUR takes its corporate social responsibility seriously.  “Since making a mark in Rwanda in 2010, the university has been giving back to the public centered on education, employee and student volunteerism and healthy communities.  A small act of compassion can change lives for development and we shall continue pursuing our strategic core goal of corporate social responsibility with the district and the country at large”, he said.

The Mayor applauded the University for contributing to the economic growth of KicuKiro district and the country through its world class teaching and global dynamism.

“MKUR has not only enhanced the development of the country but has changed many lives positively since  opening up in Kicukiro district. Today’s activity is a good example how serious the university attaches great value to the community and our culture. We shall continue supporting the university to achieve its goals to enhance the development of the country,” said Dr. Nyirahabimana.

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