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In 2016, Mount Kenya University Rwanda was rated the best among Kenyan universities currently operating in Rwanda.

The university emerged position 11 out of 29 among universities that were ranked by Rwanda’s Higher Education Commission (HEC) with 380 marks out of 1,000.

MKU scored 88 on physical and academic infrastructure; 87 on faculty, research, consultancy and other programmes; 75 on admission, curriculum and delivery systems, while in placement, networking and Industry Interface it got 129.

“The purpose of this ranking is to make higher education provisions more transparent for stakeholders and make a good ground for competitiveness among higher education institutions,” stated the report.

MKU, which has put up a fully-fledged university in Rwanda, also emerged third in terms of universities that have good infrastructure that is physical and academic.

The study was conducted in close collaboration with HEC and academic experts in the field of higher education in Rwanda.

“The study was conducted in order to understand the data provided by the HEC and gain clarity with respect to relevance of parameters and sub parameters to be used as per the education scenario in Rwanda,” it explains.

The report notes that the ranking would help identify, assess and evaluate overall situation existing in the education sector in Rwanda and plan for the future keeping these insights in mind.

Methodology used for data collection included questionnaires and interviews by education expert.

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