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Mount Kenya University Rwanda (MKUR) is highly ranked by the Higher Education Council (HEC). MKUR was ranked First among Kenyan institutions operating in Rwanda, 11th nationally and Second among international universities. HEC ranking in Rwanda is conducted to promote competitiveness in higher education sector and thus raise quality.

Among the parameters assessed were physical and academic infrastructure, which accounted for 23 percent of the assessment. MKUR was assessed at its three rented locations: Town, Camp Kigali and Kicukiro centres. However, the university’s new location at Kagarama is not only ideal for learning, but will also increase capacities all round, and significantly in Health Sciences and information technology (IT).

MKUR Vice-Chancellor Prof edwin Odhuno argues that, “had the HEC assessment focused on this facility, MKUR would have ranked among the top five in Rwanda. That will be the focus of the institution in the next three years.” The three centres have been consolidated. Since January 2017, students are using the Kagarama facility.

For academic programmes, MKUR has partnered with the American Hospitality Academy in USA to offer virtual studies in hospitality. It has also signed a Memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Northern Michigan University, and further collaborates with the University of West of Scotland and several Danish institutions. Prof Odhuno says since the relocation to Kagarama, the university’s focus is now to streamline operations to ensure it

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