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Mount Kenya University Rwanda runs a Guidance and Counselling Unit for both students and staff. This is in realization that students need to get to know themselves better and find solutions to their daily problems.

The Guidance and Counselling services offered at Mount Kenya University Rwanda encourages students’ academic, emotional and personal development

The unit encourages willingness among students to seek these essential services with the assurance of confidentiality. The unit is run by competent faculty who assist the students to be fully functioning individuals

The counselors at Mount Kenya University Rwanda recognize that respect to individual differences is very essential. They therefore treat the clients with utmost respect so that they are able to adjust in a healthy way.

The caring and competent counseling staff at Mount Kenya University Rwanda offers free and confidential support with the ultimate aim of developing emotional resilience and enabling students to fulfill their academic and personal potential. Counseling at Mount Kenya University Rwanda is aimed at enhancing academic success and furthering the philosophy of the university that aims at Empowering Generations through Education