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The chairman thanked the mayor for providing an enabling environment to the university to construct an ultra-modern campus in the district. The campus will offer staff and students some of the best facilities available in higher education in the country.

The Mayor, on her part, expressed gratitude to the university for setting up a campus in the district, and for its significant contribution to human capital development and promotion of higher education in the country.

She said the district will continue to offer support to the university so that it may achieve its goals of expanding graduate studies and research. The two agreed that the district will work and collaborate with the university in research, one cow per family (Girinka) project for the very poor, and in training of staff, to build pride in the community.

As part of its corporate social responsibility, the university will open doors to institutions in the district to use its stateof-the-art science laboratories to carry out research for the benefit of mankind.

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