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Mount Kenya University Rwanda participates in corporate social responsibility activities. This is in line with its policy of giving back to the society and uplifting members of the wider Rwandan society.

In its efforts to contribute to the health and welfare of society Mount Kenya University Rwanda comes across as an engaged institution that participates in Rwandan civil and community outreach programmes. This is in recognition that quality and affordable education is always better off when it gives back to the society that provides the environment in which it operates

Mount Kenya University Rwanda participates in communal activities such as Umuganda in Rwanda through clean up exercises. Recently the University built classroom for G.S.Gahanga Secondary School to support learning and it was commissioned by the Minister of Educating. The University has also an M.O.U with Imbuto Foundation where it supports the girl child to advance in education.

Some members of Mount Kenya University Rwanda alumni also made contributions for twenty people in the community-based health insurance programme known as Mutuelle de Santé at Kicukiro district. This is a health care system that aims at alleviating the destruction meted on the health sector by the 1994 genocide in Rwanda that also destroyed much of the socio-economic fabric of the country.

Some trainers at the Institute of Capacity Building of Mount Kenya University Rwanda have also been offering free English language instruction for job seekers at The Kigali Employment Service Centre (KESC) in collaboration with the Kigali City Council

Graduates of Mount Kenya University Rwanda have also benefitted from training offered through the university’s Graduate Enterprise Academy (GEA) where the most enterprising entrepreneurial skills by such graduates have been rewarded monetarily.