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MKUIT Rwanda has a fully functional IT department that mainly complements the library. The computer lab is also used by students for their own work related to their studies in the University. It offers easy access to technology and multimedia offering staff and students a place to receive much needed tech services.

The computer lab services afford students and staff a convenient computing and network access that facilitates users to walk along with the fast developing technological advancements. It is without doubt that the world is fast changing and for students and staff of MKUIT to remain computer savvy, excellent facilitation is afforded in the modern computer lab in our modern campus complex at Kagarama in Kicukiro district.

The computer lab encourages open-ended divergent approach to use of computers giving staff and students an opportunity to pursue their own computer interests.

The hardware existent and constantly upgraded in the computer lab ensures that the users have adequate means to carry out tasks pertinent to their studies thus making MKUIT Rwanda students competitive anywhere in the world

Use of technology in class is the in-thing in enhancing learning and in the computer lab at MKUIT Rwanda computer lab you will find a plethora of tools online to provide staff and students with more skill-building knowledge than ever before.

Computers and technology are the core components that are reshaping higher education and in MKUIT Rwanda, students are provided with study villas where when outside the lecture halls, they continue with their assignments and course work.

MKUIT Rwanda recognizes that use of technology helps promote collaborative learning and to a great extent personalizes education, the very reason why the computer lab becomes central in ensuring that our students are kept abreast with advances in their fields of study through provision of adequate computer access and use.