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With over 3000 students studying at MKU university of technology, it is with no doubt that some activities complementary to studies are necessary

MKU university of technology has a student body known as MKU university of technology Students union (MKUITSU). This is a body that sees to the welfare of students. Officials to this body are elected by the students themselves through democratic elections. This students’ body ensures that students at MKU university of technology are at the heart of the system. They are treated as partners in their education.

MKU university of technology engages effectively and proactively with its students and in the process much about the changing needs of the modern generation is understood. This in turn helps the university produce a a lot more skilled and all-rounded graduates. The feedback from the MKUITSU helps the institution student experience for current and future cohorts of students.

MKUITSU campus life at MKU university of technology is enriched through participation in social, cultural, recreational and intellectual experiences shared with faculty, staff and students.

MKRSU is treated as an integral part of Mount Kenya University educational environment and affords the university community the opportunity for informal association outside the lecture halls.

The representative function of the student body (MKUITSU) offers provision of services to the students such as advice and guidance sessions

At MKU university of technology, the student union (MKUITSU) offers students firsthand experience in leadership, social responsibility and values through the activities it carries out. It ensures an opportunity for self-realization and social competency among its members.

Membership to this student union at MKU university of technology is automatic upon admission as a student